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Growth Comes From Acceptance

So, I’m kinda obsessed with Personal Growth (which makes sense, I am a Personal Growth Coach) and evolving and changing and healing and ultimately Empowerment!! Because I believe that’s what we are here to do…..journey towards deeper and deeper levels of happiness and connection, and on the way we discover what isn’t working, what is unhealthy, what is covering up our True Selves. And we are empowered to acquire the tools to release that stuff so that we become more skillful and effective at living a life that is both personally fulfilling and beneficial for all of humanity. And we all have the power deep within us, within our Higher Divine Self, to access all the wisdom and skills we need to be our best selves in this lifetime.

Sooooo this quote then from Pema Chodron……..I can’t explain how much this quote means to me. The idea that there is nothing to fix or change, is a little counterintuitive! And it was hard at first for me to really understand and grasp this concept…..BUT as a…

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