Start Where You Are

So often we hear the saying, “It’s Never Too Late To... (fill in the blank) ....get started, be who you want, make a change, do something you’ve always wanted to do." We need to hear this so often probably because so many of us have a tendency to wait. Whether it’s for the perfect time or the perfect opportunity or the feeling that we are perfectly ready and perfectly prepared. But then days, weeks, months, years, decades go by….and we haven’t done what we are still waiting to do. We have fears, ill-advised beliefs about what we can & cannot do, procrastination, perfectionism, low motivation, lack of resources…..there is so much that can stop us from taking action in our lives. This is a tragedy! We wait out our lives, growing older, with our dreams still waiting to be manifested.
But what if instead of having to say, “It’s never too late!” we started using a new mantra, “It’s never too early!” It’s never too early to start writing that book, or hike that trail, or start a new business, or run a marathon, or get rid of that pesky character flaw we hate. I mean, really, even if you make mistakes (which you will anyway) and even if you don’t have all the resources yet (which you usually never do) and even if you feel wildly unprepared (which you kinda always will) what’s the worst that could happen? The actual worst thing that can happen is to keep waiting…& waiting…& waiting….

If you feel passionate about an idea, motivated to take an action step, moved to create something, inspired to be somebody…..DO IT NOW. Start where you are, with what you have, and DO IT. There literally is no time like the present! And no matter how many mistakes you make or how many times you think you “fail” it truly won’t matter. Because it will be so joy-filled and engaging and exciting that you will just want to keep going anyway because that’s what happens when you are living in your true passions and desires and inspirations. Live your life for the doing and let the outcome of the doing (which is what we all keep waiting for!) take care of itself!

The waiting that we do, waiting for the perfect time or the feeling of total preparation or for other things to happen first, is just a trick of the mind/body. It comes from the fear in the back of our heads and in the back of our hearts that is based in a false belief that we just can’t do it. This belief creates fear which tells us we are silly to want to do it or crazy to think we even can do it or that other people will judge us & laugh at us or that we can’t actually accomplish or have what we want. The fear tells us we are alone and we are simply not good enough and not worthy enough to follow our dreams. But it is lying, tricking us.

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH & WORTHY ENOUGH AND YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY LIVING A PASSION-FILLED INSPIRED LIFE. AND you will be supremely pleasantly surprised by how easy it is and how joy filled it is to follow your heart and how things seem to fall into place to support your passion-filled, inspired action! SO, stop waiting for something to happen or to feel ready - start where you are, with what you have, right now, and don’t ever look back. (Well, look back at times in a helpful, reflective way to learn from your journey, of course.)

One caveat, one word of caution: When I say to DO IT and follow your dreams & passions….I do not mean to just do every little thing that pops into the mind & to impulsively start new ungrounded stuff everyday. You gotta use your inner powers of discernment to determine if something is really worthwhile to you or just a flight of fancy, a whim of a compulsive thought pattern in the mind. Take stock of your ideas & feel into them with meditation & journaling, to make a divinely inspired decision about what your heart & soul truly wants to pursue based on passion and a knowing that just cannot be ignored.

Shine your light! - Monica


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