Meet Monica

Monica Williams, MAC, CYT
Personal Growth Coach
One of my favorite quotes is: Life is a journey, not a destination. I used to think the journey was about “fixing myself” or "fixing something" that was broken, and then finally being done, arriving at a mystical place of perfection. But, now I know, that the journey IS, in fact, the coveted destination - and the journey is about living in each moment with awareness, acceptance and authenticity - knowing, loving and becoming myself in each and every moment. Practically, this means that I understand & appreciate exactly where I’m at in each moment of the journey, while continually identifying how I can grow to be a more skillful, effective, and happier person. 

I believe everyone has a purpose suited to their unique gifts and talents. And my purpose in this lifetime, is to inspire and guide others on their personal journey of growth and transformation. When we are at our best in each moment, striving to live the highest quality of life possible, we are able to be our best selves for those around us. I am at my best when helping others cultivate the hope, courage and skills it takes to transform their lives to find the purpose, happiness, and peace they desire and deserve! 

On my journey, I earned a B.A. in Psychology from George Mason University, and a M.A.C. from Arcadia University. I worked as a Counselor for many years, initially working with sexual abuse survivors. Then I became an Addictions Counselor for several years (adults, adolescents, in-patient, out-patient). Working as a Counselor in both of these areas has profoundly informed my journey, in both a professional and personal capacity. I have been in active recovery since 2011 - I am in recovery from sexual abuse, alcoholism, co-dependency, & compulsive overeating. I bring my education and personal experience into my Life Coaching.

Since 2012, Mindfulness and Meditation have become an integral part of my journey and personal spiritual path. It has transformed the way I experience the world, myself and others. I have a daily meditation practice, and have been on multiple silent meditation retreats, including a 3-month long silent meditation retreat. I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher.


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