Mental Performance Coaching

Mental Performance Coaching (MPC) put simply is about enhancing how you perform mentally so that you can enhance how you perform physically. MPC is about understanding, training, and applying the psychological components involved in performing one’s best. It is commonly recognized that the mind matters when it comes to sport and performance, but it often gets neglected from intentional training; through MPC I teach people how to make their mind matter. During MPC, I work with you to together figure out what works and what doesn’t for you, what are the things to keep as they are, what are things to change or tweak, and what are things that are maybe better left behind. Key components of this work together are to enable you to be more in the moment, enjoy the experience, and be intentional and purposeful in what you do. Ultimately, I want to help you discover what it would look like to, and then help you to, be your best self on and off the field.

Who could benefit from Mental Performance Coaching? Coaches, athletes, teams, parents, students, performers, really anyone! All levels, from high school, college, elite/professional, or club/recreational.  Any sport or competitive/performance-based arena, both individual and team sports. If you perform in some way and want to enhance that performance, MPC could be for you! 

What are some Mental Performance Coaching topics? Performance Anxiety, Dealing with Pressure, Communication, Goal-Setting & Achieving, Building Self-Awareness, Mental Toughness, Mindfulness, Self-Talk, Focus & Dealing with Distractions, Controlling the Controllables, Stress Management, Confidence, Culture, Team Dynamics, and many more.

How does Mental Performance Coaching work? I offer individual coaching, team or group coaching, workshops and seminars, and guest speaking or keynotes.

Individual coaching is a one-on-one meeting between you and me and can range in time depending on your needs, from briefer 30 minute sessions, the common 60 minute session, or longer 1.5/2/2.5 hour session. Individual sessions can be done in an office setting or out where you perform (on the field, green, court, in the cage, on the track etc.). 

Team or group coaching can also range in time, from briefer to longer sessions and is generally educational and interactive. These sessions are built around what your team/group needs. Team coaching usually also includes observation of the team in action and on the field coaching, adding to the ability to apply the concepts learned in sessions. Team and group coaching can also include individual coaching for individuals involved as well. Packages are available for any combination of services. 

Workshops and seminars are typically based around a specific topic or need and can range from 1-2 hours, a half-day, full-day, to weekend-long experience. 

Guest Speaking and Keynotes are generally based on a specific topic and are shorter in nature, 1-2 hour range, and can be for larger audiences (though don’t have to be!).

I like to get creative and invested in the people I work with, so all programming and coaching is based on your unique needs!


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