Personal Growth Coaching

My favorite quote is: “It’s the journey, not the destination.” Personal Growth is not about fixing something that is broken inside of us OR about reaching some mythical final destination of perfection where all your problems are solved. Life is always changing! So, I very much like to think of Personal Growth as a journey of going inward, of evolving, ever-changing, on-going, with many twists and turns. Personal Growth is a mindset fueled by a burning desire to learn, heal, grow, improve, & expand. It’s about being curious and engaged in life, fully embracing whatever comes your way, knowing it is always an opportunity for movement and expansion. We are meant to enjoy and appreciate our journey, while we seek to discover the ways in which we can grow to be more skillful, effective, and happier people.

In order to Be Your Best Self in life, you need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You need to be open-minded & motivated to acknowledge blind spots and challenge views & perceptions of yourself (and others) that may be untrue or limiting. You need to be willing to explore your own personal habits and patterns with an objective, critical mind because it is your daily actions that are determining whether you feel peace, happiness, & overall satisfaction OR restlessness, unhappiness, and overall dissatisfaction with yourself and life. Without the honest pursuit of our unskillful patterns, we can easily become stuck in dissatisfying circumstances, and this can go on for years, a whole lifetime. When we are stuck - in our circumstances, in our emotions, in our behaviors & choices - we participate in detrimental patterns of living simply because we don't know how to do something different, even despite our desire or effort to do so. And the cumulative experience of this leaves us frustrated, powerless, and often, hopeless.

Personal Growth Coaching is the intentional cultivation of self-awareness that leads to clear insight into how you are participating in your life, in both helpful and unhelpful ways (i.e. strengths & limitations). To develop this level of self-awareness, you must shift your focus from outward (what you cannot control) to inward (what you can control). Over time you begin to see yourself with more clarity, identify your role in the outcomes of your daily life, and create the change you desire. In our work together, I guide you through this process and empower you to make real changes in your  day to day experience that allow you to Be Your Best Self!

Honestly, the journey of Personal Growth isn’t for everyone. It’s about a burning desire to always Be Your Best Self in all ways possible, because you know that this allows you to live a higher quality of life filled with more peace, happiness, and fulfillment. If you are ready and willing and feel that burning desire, then I can't wait to start our journey together.

Personal Growth Areas of Focus: Self-Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Family Dynamics, Spirituality, Addiction & Recovery, Self-Love/Self-Worth, Self-Care, Body Acceptance, Passion & Life Purpose, Meditation & Mindfulness, Health & Wellness, Yoga, Emotional Wellness, Stress Management, Life-Work-Family Balance


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