About MoniKat

We are a wife and wife coaching team passionate about helping people be their best selves through both personal growth and performance coaching. We inspire and guide people to access their full potential in different aspects of their lives. Sometimes we want to make a change in our lives, but we aren’t sure how or we feel powerless to do so! We work together with our clients to transform those areas of their life. This could include relationships, career, sport, academics, self-love, addiction, spirituality, health, etc. When we grow in areas in which we are stuck, our whole lives transform as a result.

We work with people to enhance the overall quality of their lives & increase their sense of well-being & fulfillment. Wheth
er they are currently “struggling” & facing big challenges they want to resolve OR feeling steady but motivated to reach a new level of success (ie. get even better at what they are already doing). Anyone can benefit from being pro-active and intentional about striving to be their best selves.

We are already joined together as life partners, so we decided to combine forces in business too! We share so many of the same passions and goals in how we want to inspire, empower and guide people to be their best selves in all aspects of life!! Together, we are able to provide so many more people with two different (but overlapping!) aspects of Coaching expertise! Monica is a Personal Growth Coach and Kat is a Mental Performance Coach. In addition, we are both extremely passionate about Mindfulness & Meditation practice. We integrate them into all areas of OUR daily lives and take this orientation throughout all our Coaching & Teaching. We also teach Mindfulness & Meditation workshops together as a team!

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